How to push away petty people (and another bonus in the article)

Wednesday May 22nd 2019, between 3 and 5 pm (wherever you are)

Here is an excellent date that you can use to keep bad guys (or girls) out of your life. Use the given date and time to sort through superfluous relationships.

On Wednesday, May 22nd 2019, between 3:00 pm and 5:00 pm, with your back to the North, imagine these petty people get away from your life to never come back 😉

People with an Ox 丑 in one of their 4 BaZi Pillars will probably not benefit from this activation because they are in conflict with the day.


This date is also good to boost your education luck. Between 7 and 9 pm, with your back to the Southeast, do something related to learning (read an article or a book, begin to study, start writing, …). You can also light a candle for two hours in this area.

Once again, this date will not really help people with an Ox 丑 in their BaZi chart. Not sure if you have an Ox in your 4 Pillars? Click here to calculate your BaZi 4 Pillars for free.

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