Our team offers various professional services to meet your expectations and answer your questions

You want to increase your potential? Better manage your weaknesses? Make the right decisions at the right time? Then the BaZi is the perfect tool! You want to optimize your home or your place at work? Whether for a private dwelling, a shop or business, ask for a Feng Shui consultation! An important event? Let us calculate for you suitable dates with the Auspicious Dates Selection (Xuan Kong Da Gua)


The Bazi or Eight Characters (also known as the Four Pillars) is an ancient method of analyzing the fate by using birth data to analyze and determine the path of a person in life. Less focused on divination and more about empowering individuals, our Bazi analysis will offer you a good understanding of your strengths, your weaknesses and you will learn to identify potential challenges and obstacles that may arise in your life. You will finally hold all the keys to enhance your own potential!

Like DNA characterizes our physical body, Bazi governs the components building your Destiny such as your talents, your abilities, your character, your strengths and weaknesses … Give a boost to your success today and bring your life to the next level!


A Ba Zi analysis will allow you

– To make the right decisions at the right time
– Optimize your luck potential
–  Harmonize your relationships with others and to know the people around you
– To choose the right profession and to further develop your career
– …

The applications are endless, it is up to you to ask the questions that you think are important.

Your destiny cannot be changed, but you can improve your Destiny for a happy and successful life.


– After receiving your payment, we will contact you (by email or phone) to schedule an appointment for an online Ba Zi consultation (via Skype, or Face Time,…). Generally, it is set +/- 2 weeks after receiving your payment. During this meeting, we will explain in detail the results of your Ba Zi analysis.

Consultation may also take place at our premises in Brussels (Belgium).

– You will provide us your date of birth (year, month, day and hour of birth), place of birth, place of residence and the points that you would like to be considered in detail (love, health, career, career academic, business, prosperity, …)


– Before, during or after the purchase or rental of a house, an apartment, a house, a shop, a business;
– When you plan to restore or renovate your home;
– When you don’t feel comfortable anymore in your living space or work space;
– Or simply if you want to improve different aspects of your life.

Feng Shui, literally “Wind" and “Water", is an ancient Chinese metaphysical science to harmonize the environment in order to optimize certain aspects in everyday life, for example, career, prosperity, health, education, luck, well-being, etc.


  • First, please contact us by phone or email, so we can present to you the way we work. Submit us then your questions and comments… After this first contact, we can make an appointment.
  • We’ll send you via email a form to be completed with the necessary informations for the consultation.
  • We’ll then come to visit the property, take the measurements with our Luopan, give out our first recommendations and advices during the visit. It usually takes about 2-3 hours time, so make sure you’re available during that time. A complete written report of +/- 30 pages will be sent to you, within a couple of weeks after the visit.
  • After the visit and reading the report, please contact us by phone if you have any questions about our advices or recommendations.
  • We do a follow-up by phone or email, whenever you need it, also after several months.

How much does it cost? A complete audit will cost at least 800€ (VAT excl.), for a more precise proposal please contact us.

You want a precise proposal for your consultation?

Please contact us!


Don’t worry if you have no idea how the Xuan Kong Da Gua Date Selection works, because our team of consultants – trained by Master Mimi Moorhouse – is here to help. Selecting favorable dates as we practice it, in a traditional way, goes far beyond the usual study of conflicts between different astrological signs (such as you can find them in women magazines or daily newspapers) or with the use of a Chinese almanac Tong Shu, because this is a completely personalized service! Requesting a selection of individual and personalized favorable dates will allow you to take your destiny in hand and to put the odds on your side in all your projects.


Selecting favorable dates not only creates a greater potential, but also makes sure that things go smoothly. Based on your personal BaZi (remember, this is a fully customizable Service: a favorable date for you could very well be unfavorable for another person!), especially with your year of birth, we can deduce suitable dates for events such as:

  • a marriage (in this case, the date will be selected for the two of you)
  • buying or selling a house or a flat
  • moving house
  • starting renovation works
  • sending a newsletter to customer
  • opening a new business or launching a product
  • signing a new contract or doing important business transactions
  • starting a business trip
  • undergoing surgery
  • placing feng shui elemental cures or activating with water


You are interested  in a Date Selection for a specific event? Our team of consultants will be happy to help. Generally, it goes as follows:

  1. Order your Date Selection on our website (please mind that they are 2 choices, choose the one that best fits your project!)
  2. Send us an email with your date of birth and a period during which you would hold the event or launch the project. Please allocate us a period of 2 or 3 weeks.
  3. Once we have received his information, we can start selecting favorable dates.
  4. You will receive the list of favorable dates by email, selected specifically for YOU and YOUR project. Wherever possible, we will try to provide you several dates and several hours during this allocated period of 2 or 3 weeks that you have given us in advance.
  5. Please note, it will take up to 3 working days before you receive the list of auspicious dates.


The selection of a good wedding date, for a happy marriage!

Why use a consultant for a wedding date selection?

Your wedding day is certainly one of the most important days of your life. We are convinced: who does not want to ensure that this day will be a day of joy and happiness, where everything goes well?

Planning your wedding on an auspicious date can help ensure that your big day runs smoothly, without you needing to face a lot of stress and last-minute difficulties. Moreover, and perhaps more importantly, to marry during an auspicious day which matches with you and your partner will help you begin this new journey on a positive energy that will make the marriage happy.

How do we calculate an auspicious day for a wedding?

In addition to the study of potential conflicts between BaZi natal charts of the bride and groom and the recommended date, we also rely on the Qi of the 5 elements and the energy of the period to connect both the Heavenly Qi and the Earth Qi to find the most favorable date that best suits you and your partner.