Boost your wealth luck !

Looking for a great date to activate your wealth luck? Well, this date is for you: Friday, April 28th at 3:30 pm (or between 3 and 5 pm – local time wherever you are) activate the Northeast (丑, 艮,寅) except if you have a Rabbit (卯) in one of your BaZi pillars (conflict animal). Ok, but how to activate…

Astrological forecasts for the Sheep in 2017

We have prepared 12 short videos that summarize the forecasts for the various Earthly Branches. Keep in mind that these forecasts are general and do not replace any further study of your BaZi. You can, however, watch the videos that concern your 4 Earthly Branches present in your four pillars for a general overview for the year 2017.