Johann Bauer & Marc-Olivier Rinchart

Infinity Feng Shui it’s above all Marc-Oliver Rinchart & Johann Bauer. Both are consultants, speakers, and trainers in BaZi, Feng Shui, and also authors of the Diary & Almanac Feng Shui (annual book and real bestseller for 3 years now). Since 2004 they are learning tirelessly in the various fields that allow them to offer relevant and effective tools.

How can we help you?

You want to increase your potential? Better manage your weaknesses? Make the right decisions at the right time? Then the BaZi is the perfect tool! You want to optimize your home or your place at work? Whether for a private dwelling, a shop or business, ask for a Feng Shui consultation! An important event? Let us calculate for you suitable dates with the Auspicious Dates Selection (Xuan Kong Da Gua)

Feng Shui


  • Before, during or after the purchase or rental of a house, an apartment, a house, a shop, a business;
  •  When you plan to restore or renovate your home;
  • When you don’t feel comfortable anymore in your living space or work space;
  • Or simply if you want to improve different aspects of your life.


A Ba Zi analysis will allow you:

– To make the right decisions at the right time
– Optimize your luck potential
–  Harmonize your relationships with others and to know the people around you
– To choose the right profession and to further develop your career
– …

The applications are endless, it is up to you to ask the questions that you think are important.

Dates selection, what for?

  • buying or selling a house or a flat
  • moving house
  • starting renovation works
  • sending a newsletter to customer
  • opening a new business or launching a product
  • signing a new contract or doing important business transactions
  • starting a business trip
  • undergoing surgery
  • placing feng shui elemental cures or activating with water

Our services

We offer our expertise for all your audits, whether they are for professionals or private individuals

Our consultants offer personalized analysis to help you take the right decisions at the right time!

Planning an important event? Then the favorable date selection is for you. Whether for a store opening, renovations, the launch of a new product, a marriage… The applications are endless with the date selection.

Learn more about our publishing house specializing in Feng Shui, BaZi, Yi Jing, Buddhism, etc… (most of it in French)

All of our services, books, training, conferences can be ordered directly online, with secure payment!

all you need to know for the coming year, right here during our annual conference!

Our Courses & Conferences

We currently offer 2 BaZi modules. You will be - by the end of the 1st module - able to get a chart and to interpret it. The 2nd module is more specialized, and particularly, on the 10 Gods. That will allow you to refine your analysis capabilities.
Feng Shui
Our 2 Feng Shui modules are for those who want to learn and understand the mechanisms of the traditional Chinese Feng Shui. Module 1 is both for beginners and for those who already have a solid knowledge. Module 2, is more specialized in San He (environmental studies) and brings in-depth knowledge on topics seen in the first module.
À la Carte
We know, you have a busy schedule and it is not always easy to be free to take a course. That's why we offer training "à la Carte" according to your availability. For more information about it, please do contact us.

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What people say about us

Natacha V.C
Braine L'Alleud
This 5 day course opens the way to decode the DNA of our destiny. The Bazi is actually an interesting and relevant tool to learn more about ourself (and others), but also help making decision. The course is given by two fantastic people who have the gift of unbridled their passion and enthusiasm. Therefore the learning atmosphere that reigns is based on mutual respect and esteem. The documentation provided is relevant and well explained. A very big thank you to Marc-Olivier and Johann and strongly the next Module 🙂
Céline A.
Available and educationalist... and it isn't flattering! By far one of the best qualities: organized, to share their passion, authenticity and human quality, sincerity, humor, delicacy... I felt truly welcomed, supported, encouraged - in a real meeting and I got the impression that you want this art, that you are passionate about, brought to me... It is unusual and very valuable.
Hubert L.
Mauruuru Maruuru roa Thanks for traveling thousands of kilometers to come share and share with us your knowledge of Ba Zi. Barely finished module 1, strongly waiting for the module 2.
Carine G.
The 5 days course seems perfect to give us the time to receive all information and "ingest them" well enough to be able to think and ask questions. I loved doing the real case, see, and live a real consultation completed training!